modern style + versatility

Close-Up of SportsChic Founder

The inspiration for SportsChic popped up at a tennis clinic when I first moved to LA. I was shocked at the disarray of designer handbags, totes, sports bags, paper bags, water bottles and sports drinks spilling out on the benches and chairs. I had some great laughs and fun playing at the clinic but, I went home determined to design a bag for use both on and off court.

I spent the next 6 months designing a stylish, chic and versatile bag with thermal pockets to keep your drinks hot and cold, coffee, baby bottles to your favorite juices and smoothies, even bubbly. With the UV protected, durable waterproof exterior and spacious waterproof interior with flex mesh pockets, a secure zipper pocket, and padded sleeve for tech devices and/or tennis racquets I realized this is one great bag for everything women do.

Today our bags carry you everywhere from yoga to work to date night and travel from plane to train with style and functionality. Moms tell us it’s a great diaper bag too, and a BFF stores her insulin in one of the thermal pockets when she travels.

SportsChic established in 2015 is a female owned company based in Huntington Beach. SportsChic supports a number of local efforts in Los Angeles through product donations including the Cedars-Sinai Journey to Wellness Breast Cancer program, women’s shelters, and Boys and Girls Club.


Karin Shoup, Designer/Founder